Kolimpithres are known for their wild beauty. Lying on the western side of the bay of Naoussa, this beach is characterized by the peculiar forms of the rocks: rocks without spikes, almost spherical, with smooth surfaces as if they were sanded from the hands of an eccentric artist. Granite rocks chiseled for thousands of years from the salt, water and air go up to the sea and form the successive beaches.

It is not a single beach but many sandy beaches, ready to meet all your tastes and needs. There is a “fountain” that accommodates comfortably two people, another three, while other Kolimpithres, “breaking” the almost lunar landscape, host umbrellas and deck chairs, offering in addition to a magnificent scenery all modern amenities.

Yet, every “Kolimpithra”, irrespective of its size, is isolated from its neighbors. However, if are determined to explore, you can access all of them by swimming and climbing the rocks. You need to be very cautious though to avoid slipping.

The sandy beach of Kolimpithre is almost permanently damp, and if you are lucky during your visit there are high chances that your chair is lying on the water. In some places, the sea goes all the way in to cavities and recesses creating a unique spa-type surrounding that will surprise you.

The water is cool and crystal clear, while the shadows of the rocks that are reflected on the sea turn the water into all shades of blue, from the darkest blue to the deepest points, to the most pale baby blue in its shallow spots.

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